Sunday, June 29, 2014

Spa day for Catra

Since I should be mucking out my domestic squalor, I've instead been repainting Catra and boil-washing her hair.

With wet hair and a slowly curing coat of Testor's "wood," she doesn't dare move and wonders if her teleportation abilities include the power to suspend herself in air. (The smudges will come off with nail polish remover and did eventually get removed. Everything was a bit damp and sticky at the time of the photo.)

The goal is an aesthetic that's less 1980s glam-punk and more country-western. I already have several possible calicos for her skirt. (She's also being labeled as 1:12 for the nonce, based on being a 6-inch figure where any sane person would put her with 1:12 furniture instead of having her be Amazonian at 1:18.)

Meanwhile, I'm reading the She-Ra Toy Guide, where it is revealed that Catra originally came with a big furry skirt.

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