Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Sneak peak: Dollhouse redecorating in progress

Mabel and Mavis are finally on their way to respite from the very brown scheme of the bedroom they inherited from prior owners.
The rug is the inspiration piece!
And our favorite artisanal pillow will "go," in an eclectic way.
When JoJo of Tahoma Beadworks & Photography was sharing a nifty array of June/July projects, she included a piece of needlepoint that I immediately said needed a dollhouse. My goal was to corrupt her utterly into the miniature-building world, but she was protected by phalanxes of existing hobbies. She very kindly offered to send me the needlepoint, and it's perfect for what I want to do with Mabel and Mavis' bedroom!

(I thought I'd have the whole project done, but can I find the fabric scrap I want for the bedding? Of course not. I may be going to Joann this weekend, willy-nilly.)

Meanwhile, my parents apparently have pheromones that attract 1:24 chairs, as in swift succession, a flock of silver chairs (destined for the boutique hotel) arrived...

Music listeners will stay alert!

... followed by a foursome of classic side chairs, mostly intended for Big Head Maude's modern abode.

My home lighting was so bad that I put the purple chair in the tan-and-aqua
room because it looked tan. Note to self: buy light bulbs for my new lamps.
I think I need to do some dollhouse cleaning and improving!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

DC Super Hero Girls "Bumblebee" needs school clothes

Bumbleebee (a.k.a. Karen Beecher) is heading to the mall for back-to-school shopping.

I'm flying there because weekend bus service sucks.
Toy Box Philosopher's review of Bumblebee's colleague, Wonder Woman, inspired me to pull out the Bumblebee I bought at Target months ago, dig through my clothing stash, and see if there's anything a tall gal with broad shoulders can wear.

My own teen shopping experiences suggest this isn't going to end well, but maybe in the fashion doll world, clothing manufacturers are kinder.

Let's see what Bumblebee finds...

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Bratzillaz Spa and Bathroom Week

Phoenix's dry heat can be hard on the hair.
Meygana's hair maintains her personal space.
Progress this week got short-circuited when I started dabbling at Pokémon GO on Monday, as even 109-degree heat couldn't compete with the lure of seeing if some of Scottsdale's hot spots might offer something more exciting than an endless supply of pidgies and rattatas. The machops in the Mexican Import Store may be peak Pokémon for me.

Machops is hoping for Mexican wrestling masks.
At this point, I've really got to tackle gym battles if I want to proceed with the game, and I'm not sure I care, since that seems to require memorizing endless random factoids about what type has an advantage over what other type. I have no objection at all to memorizing random factoids about imaginary monsters, but that part of my brain is already consumed by keeping straight Monster High characters and Bratzillaz, so I'm just not sure there's space.

In any case, a few things happened with Bathroom Week.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Kitchen rehab!

Katie is gobsmacked at having a dining chair with a proper back.

Now if I could find the lids for the cannisters, I'd have something!
When last seen (or, really, not seen, since I haven't posted in a couple months), the eggshell stools from the patio project had moved into the new kitchen in the Billy tower, as the new layout eliminated the garden floor.

It looks pretty, until you're slumping over a cup of coffee and fall off.
Feeling a bit inundated by how big the 1:6 party had gotten, I rearranged my storage, and put about half of the dolls away temporarily (they'll be back!) so that I'd have the blank space, both mental and physical, to focus on doll projects I needed and wanted to make progress on. One big project was getting Katie and Hayden's house in order.

After thinking hard about DIY chair and table projects involving simple dollar-store finds, I cracked and ordered a proper dining set on eBay for all of $11 with free shipping.