Monday, September 18, 2017

Tiny Fixer Upper: The Labor Day Adventure

Labor Day weekend was rehab time for the Dura-Craft Ponderosa that my parents bought for the furniture and I guess I talked them into redoing. Because doesn't everybody get on a plane to go rehab a dollhouse? You don't? Well...


Blue, blue, this house is blue
Around the early 80s, you'd'a been blue too.
I feel like "before" should be "beware." The porch is missing bits, the front door isn't actually attached, the blue exterior is, well, blue... and the interior has its own issues.

I got issues...
Those issues include elderly carpet, a mysterious wall that makes the kitchen barely usable, peeling wallpaper, and bathroom fixtures that were glued in. Oh, and missing window frames and window "glass" so yellowed with age that once I'd stacked the old windows on the kitchen counter, six times a day, someone would mistake them for a coffee spill.

Come along, bip-bip-bip after the jump, and we're going to make something of this house. (This post is going to be unusually photo-heavy, except for the parts where I forgot to take any photos at all. To help you get through the long journey, if you have Spotify, here's a playlist that turned up in my Twitter feed, which obviously is from more expert ears than mine but is very good for dealing with places and fixing things -- and then we can pretend we're all on MySpace, back in the day, except no purple sparkling text.)