Thursday, June 12, 2014

Move to Phoenix, get dresses!

Sophie wanted her dress to be an homage to the prevailing Mid-Century Flintstones architecture of CenPho, but the results may be a bit more sauvage than she'd intended.

The same skirt that looked appealingly pouffy in person turns very Pebbles Flintstone-auditions-for-Survivor on camera. This dress is from the no-sew circle method, same as Draculaura's, but this time, I put a slit at the back of the neck to help it over the head. The fabric is from my favorite thrift-store skirt of 2013, which I wore until the fabric gave way at the seams -- and it lives on! The patterned top layer -- yes, this is lined, same as the skirt was -- is slippery and deceptive. You think you've cut a straight line, but no, whoops! there's a notch missing.

There's also the difficulty that this dress causes Sophie to fade into the upholstery. Not her favorite look, unless the fashion design is just a cover for a career with the FBI or CIA.

Sophie is more satisfied with Alexis' dress for networking cocktail events. The restrained menswear pattern says business, while the dramatic neckline says glamor.

This is from the same no-sew pattern as Katie, Hayden's, and Cleo's dresses. The fabric is a scrap from Nasco. Alexis and Sophie were, of course, wearing perfectly nice Barbie clothes, but apparently the rule is: move to Phoenix, get dresses!

The tight skirt isn't the best for sprawling on a bed, but it's a relief to have a talk with Katie away from the young 'uns.

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