Sunday, June 22, 2014

It's a busy Sunday morning for Spider-Man

Spidey works on replating Katie and Hayden's bathroom faucets. He's not sure what metal would have been bright pink, but he suspects it's kryptonite to one of his pals.

He takes a break to inspect progress on the wrought iron parts of Katie and Hayden's bathroom sink. These were previously white with bright pink roses above the mirror.

Back home, he's considering whether to make the dining room an eat-in kitchen instead of a Ziferblat by moving the kitchenette downstairs. This would call for painting it blue to match the furniture.

But the payoff would be a bathroom on the second floor that it's possible to stand up in, with room for a double sink. The living room would get less light, as Spidey would need to put in a wall about where the salvage chest is standing now.

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