Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Katie and Hayden get permanent house guests

Katie is thrilled to see her friend Alexis and is showing her where in the kitchen to find the herb tea.

Career opportunities looked better for Katie and Hayden's best friends, Alexis and Sophie, here in the big city than in my parents' smaller town. Alexis is going to get her real estate license. Sophie is excited about Phoenix's burgeoning fashion scene.

Here, Hayden is attempting to persuade Sophie to take off those high heels. Sophie looks a bit frazzled from her first encounter with Phoenix's summer heat.

But wait... what...

Also joining the household are Draculaura and Cleo De Nile, recently graduated from Monster High and seeking summer jobs before starting their freshman year at Arizona State University. Both girls are a little overwhelmed with their new surroundings, especially after Hayden hinted that, even in Phoenix's casual environment, they might be somewhat casually dressed for job hunting. Draculaura figures she'll get a job with tips at Nami or Green, while Cleo hasn't thought beyond the party scene.

Having sworn up and down that there would be no more houses until at least 2016, I have figured out how to add two bedrooms to Katie and Hayden's abode by moving the smaller houses around the existing shelves. The six of them will have to use the single bathroom in shifts.

More, more, more!

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