Saturday, July 5, 2014

Grandpa gets a new fireplace

The fireplace restoration is done, and the result is not candy-apple red after all.

After three coats of gloss red Testor's, the fireplace was still looking blotchy, plus it managed to clash with the living-room sofa. So it got a quick coat of khaki-colored Krylon Fusion which, despite being labeled "satin," decided to be gloss. Nobody has a problem with that.

The tile is the striped side of Graphic 45's Tiki Voyager from the Tropical Traveler collection. (The Goth Bunny has the floral side as parlor wallpaper.) Although the "marble" base was in good condition, it looked weird with the painted fireplace. The stone-like base is...

... the unprinted margin of a stray issue of Barron's. I knew that tabloid rag was good for something.

The color scheme meant it was more logical to put this fireplace upstairs, with the Civil War-era wallpaper. Grandpa is embarrassed to notice that there's still blue painter's tape holding up the back wall. That'll have to come down soon.

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