Sunday, June 8, 2014

Katie and Hayden get a bed

Both girls are looking a bit frazzled from getting the bed into the room.

This is the same bed I built almost a month ago and hated, but it's amazing how unsuccessful attempts to find another bed base change a person's perspective. The bed is a shoebox lid with cardboard headboard and footboard, spray painted gloss black, then decorated with patterned duct tape, before I somehow lost that roll of duct tape... PLUS bonus beige cord to cover the rough spots on the headboard and footboard. Its feet are invisible because they're just little black blocks.

The bedding is a pillow case from a sheet set that otherwise ran out of oomph, with a blanket cut from a scarf from the 99 Cents Only. They don't really need a blanket in Phoenix in June. They do need pillows, but I'm not in a sewing mood. The wallpaper is from Jerry's Artarama and was originally intended for the roof of the Victorian Fixer until I got a better idea.

They've also had their living room floor reinstalled and the bookcase painted black so that anything on it "pops." Nothing fragile is on it until there's proof that the glue will hold this time.

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