Sunday, June 15, 2014

Spider-Man seeks a new career

Spider-Man  shows Grandpa progress on the rehab of his fireplace. After two coats of Testor's gloss red, it has achieved the color and stickiness of a candied apple, but Spidey is sure that curing time plus one more coat should do it.

With the rise of Instagram and Vine, Spidey has found that being a freelance photographer is no longer a viable superhero cover story, much less a way to make a living. Reinventing himself as a contractor and home restoration expert gives him lucrative excuses to be everywhere.

His science skills give him an edge in stripping mysterious finishes left by prior owners, while nothing beats webbing for roof and second-story window work. Spidey also finds that a good exhausting day of manual labor leaves him more cheerful and less filled with self-doubt.

For Grandpa's living room, he found a Petite Princess fireplace for cheap, in poor condition, and intends to restore it to authentic colonial glory it never had in the first place.

Here, he reassures Hayden (in redesigned dress) and Alexis about the progress on their bathroom fixtures, which started out as a hideous fluorescent pink. The girls worry that the task may be too big for him, but so far, so good.

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