Saturday, June 14, 2014

Alexis is first on the block to have... something...

Alexis wanted something less cocktail-party than her brocade wrap dress -- a cool, comfortable dress she could wear to church and brunch, like she did as a child in Alabama. She also has something new and different for the Liv girls.

She has flat shoes! These are very much beta shoes, as my obsession with giving them cork insoles meant I made them in the stupidest way possible, gluing the ribbon in loops to the undersole without being able to fit them. It would have made much more sense to glue the ribbon to the bottom of the insole, thereby fitting the shoe without getting glue on the doll's foot, and then glue that to the sole -- but the cork was an adhesive backing, so I couldn't do it that way. Also, posterboard is a bit on the flimsy side for soles. Nonetheless, she is not barefoot.

She is also proud of her hat. Really, she's overdressed to be hanging out in my heavy construction area.

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