Saturday, May 23, 2015

Roll call of vacation acquisitions

There was doll-acquiring on my visit to my parents. I've been slow about taking photos because of a long "first I really need to.." list. I finally decided that the only true "first I really need to" is that everybody should be wearing clothes for the occasion.

What started out as "I don't have room in my luggage for anything" turned into six newbies. I am practicing saying things like this without shame, as they're clearly going to happen.

Back row, L-R: another Liv Hayden, two clones.
Fronr row, L-R: two Bratz and a Moxie.
There are stories. There are always stories. Want to hear them?

Friday, May 8, 2015

Welcome to my mother's first official de-boxing

Shortly after I got in my parents' car at the commuter rail station, my mother announced that she'd bought herself a 17" High School Musical Gabriella -- she likes the taller fashion dolls -- and hadn't de-boxed her yet because she thought it'd be fun to do an official de-boxing with photos. There are things that are difficult to talk me into, but this was not one of them.

No project can be accomplished without cat help.
The major feature of the front of the box -- other than Gabriella herself -- is a faux photo-strip of the various HSM characters in graduation togs. Having never seen any of the movies (though I gather they perhaps have something to do with high school theater?), I do not know who these people are. Presumably they were collectively swooned over by tweens who are now approaching their early twenties and admitting to none of this.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

If I were a Billy-onaire...

So in mid-April, I had newly dressed dolls sitting on my coffee table because the prospect of putting them back into the dark and inadequate shelves was daunting. It daunted me into a dull state of dauntedness -- in which I limply lifted bits of fabric, then let them drop sadly -- until I resolutely went to Craig's List and bought me some Billys.

Behold the Billys!
But wait, there's more...