Saturday, June 7, 2014

Haul time!

Spiderman must have gotten a deal on end tables.

In a fit of irresponsibility, to further postpone re-gluing Katie and Hayden's ceiling molding, I made the trek to Chandler and Mesa for antique stores and other curiosities.

The Goth Bunny is pleased with a large piece of vintage brass to hang somewhere, from Merchant Square.

 Grandpa in the Colonial Cottage finally has a second Arco side bookcase and. . .

. . . a Renwal coffee table, both from Antique Plaza in Mesa. That's also a Jaydon wing chair lurking quietly.

The Swamp Home may be getting some buyers.

These are Heroclix figures from Gotham City Comics, where the knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff assure me that the figures can be removed from their bases. When I bought the surprise bags, I expected to use the figures as statues in Katie and Hayden's house... then I scored two that look reasonably like people, and something in their tiny stance said: "We need to buy a foreclosure built on swamp land."

The one in the uniform with the medical bag is Ariel from X-Men: Days of Future Past. Context indicates this is the Ariel that's a codename for Kitty Pryde. Her mutant power allows her to make objects she's touching intangible, and if she can figure out how to keep them that way, the closet problem is solved.

Her friend with the long fingers is from Teen Titans, where he was an acolyte of Brother Blood. Obviously, he switched his loyalties to the charismatic auctioneer on American Auction Network, which is why he's buying a swamp home. (He'll be wanting a Daytona Beach condo next.) Fortunately, he looks equipped to cope with any alligators that crawl out of the canal.

Meanwhile, Selena contemplates the ultimate yard ornament. Nobody else on the block will have anything like it. (Yes, Gotham City Comics also has Star Trek surprise packs!)

Spiderman couldn't resist an old-style Godzilla. Where to put it?

The corner will have to do. All this hefting makes a Spidey tired.

In fact, he needs to go upstairs and meditate for a bit. The spotted thing is a Seed of Happiness from Merchant Square. It had that earnest early 1970s look, and I'll bet its eye holes will hold incense sticks.

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