Saturday, June 28, 2014

Spider-Man goes to ICON Arizona

Spidey went to ICON, the first-it-is-to-be-hoped-annual toy convention in Glendale, mostly to pick up women. He also had some interest in entering the cosplay contest, which is why he borrowed Cleo de Nile's swimsuit.

Meet Catra, who left the Evil Horde in order to go to law school. Having passed the bar exam, she is now an associate at a firm specializing in intellectual property litigation. Qualities of being calculating, ambitious, and ruthless have served her well in her first years there, though being able to transform into a panther mostly serves to enliven the corporate holiday party. She expects to make partner on schedule and is laying the groundwork for a career in politics.

The Goth Bunny also made a new friend. Meet Vincent (who was a mere $2, with accessories including extra head!). Vincent's arrival raises the question of why he and Bunny, both 5-1/2" tall, live the 1:12 lifestyle, while Spidey (same height) and Catra (slightly taller) live the 1:18 lifestyle.

Answer: convention, not in the "let's visit the huckster's room and hear panels" sense, but in the "well, stuff happened and it stuck" sense. Bunny would be 5'6" in 1:12 and is wide in the beam, making the case for a 1:12 house. Vincent is short for a 1:12 male, being also 5'6", but he and Bunny hit it off.

Meanwhile, Spidey is tremendously tall for a 1:18 person, but he started as a friend of slightly shorter Selena and Veinous Dude, who go fine with their 1:18 furniture. Catra would be close to 7-1/2 feet tall, and she is completely fine with that. She doesn't have to wear uncomfortable high heels in order to intimidate people.

Vincent is impressed with Bunny's kitchen. The checkered floor reminds him of his friend Vermeer's coffeehouse. Also, the sink is generously sized for washing brushes.

Spidey and Catra did not just drop by to cadge snacks. They're also helping unload long-awaited bathroom fixtures. While these still need some work, it's good to make sure they'll fit.

The sink frame is even properly sized for the shell sink that Bunny brought home last month. These are from Zola Bell's, as are the two chests that will appear below.

Vincent sets up to paint outdoors, though the afternoon light's really not right for it. Tonala is checking out the new chair from Nana G's Antique Treasures.

Grandpa is distracted from his new-old Jaydon chest by a truly fine figure of a woman. She reminds him of some of the chicks his pal Jim used to bring home, back in the day.

The chest is much redder in tone than the existing bedroom furniture, so for the moment, it's going in the bathroom. (Miraculously for a Jaydon chest, it is not warped, even after being transported in the merciless Arizona sun for several hours.)

Draculaura ought to muster more excitement about the lamp for her future bedroom, but she's gobsmacked by Spidey in Cleo's swimsuit.

Spidey also got himself a nice Queen Anne chest with opening drawers. It will just barely fit in the corner by the door if he moves Godzilla.

Exhausted by the excitement of the day, Spidey and Catra settle onto the parlor sofa. Spidey wants to talk about wallpaper, though Catra's mind is on whether maybe it's time to wear a skirt.

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