Saturday, June 14, 2014

And that's three of six, which may be enough for one day.

Hayden poses with Alexis and Cleo to demonstrate that their dresses, while similar, are not identical. Today does seem to have been Neutral Day, though.

Hayden wanted a skirt and knit top. I did slightly too good a job fitting the stretch knit to her waist, so it's a bit bulgy over the gathered skirt, but she's more concerned with keeping her hat on in the high winds we've had lately. Her love of vintage has resulted in a rather Minnie Pearl hat.

This time, for shoes, I glued rickrack to the undersides of leather insoles and mounted those on cardboard from a tissue box. The shoes are a bit loose, but no more so than similar real-life ones I wore (and occasionally slipped and fell off).

The process is getting faster, too -- while Alexis' outfit took three hours of trying to figure out how to do things, Hayden's was done in about half an hour.

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