Monday, March 30, 2015

Articulated Stacey gets an Easter dress

The March Pinstrosity Challenge was SPRING! The need for an outfit for my smaller, articulated Stacey from the 1990s -- a Polar Bear Club member that Dad found after Mom and I thought we'd gone through all the baggies at a large thrift store, but his eye can be eagle-like -- combined with my urge to try a doll-sized version of the Starboard skirt. Time for an Easter outfit!

I can't help my Jon-Benet Ramsey vibe. It's a 1990s thing.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hayden gets her roof-top garden

Alexis takes Hayden up on the roof for a surprise.

Watch it... ready? Don't trip over the fire pit...
The garden is a long overdue project that finally got tackled as part of Iron Craft challenge #5 (they're every two weeks, not monthly! ack!), for which the theme was "green," in the sense of either the color or re-use/recycle. The patio is both green for plants and green for re-use, as everything except one piece was something I already had.

Shall we let Hayden uncover her eyes and see what's what?

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Articulated tween newbie and new spring Sparkle Girlz clothing!

A couple weeks ago, I stopped at Goodwill on laundry day and could not resist the lone articulated doll in the ravaged-by-vultures toy section.
Sweet owl! Nice owl! Want a cookie?
Our mystery gal has a Monster High-ish body with the sort of face where she's clearly meant to be someone in particular. It turns out that she's meant to be Cece Jones from the tween-oriented Disney Channel dance series, Shake It Up, so she's based on actor Bella Thorne and there's another one that looks like Zendaya.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Game Day!

Tamra Nuncio waves from the cheap seats of the Milwaukee Brewers' spring training game against the Texas Rangers.
Put the Miller Light here, Ice Man!
Spring training stadiums represent different aspects of Arizona. Out in Surprise, the stadium looks like a delightful European building toy, approached by avenues of banners and hanging flower baskets, and serving rival varieties of barbecue. Over in Scottsdale, Salt River Fields is more deluxe than some major-league venues, with gourmet vendors and an adjacent golf/casino resort.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Surviving Iron Craft '15 Challenge #4: The Glam Goth Condo springs into spring

Adele is ready to show off the Glam Goth condo's new kitchen, living room, and bathroom décor, though as with many an HDTV challenge show, some of the paint's not quite dry. (Other than the 24-hour bedroom re-do in January, this condo was looking kind of grim, as last seen here.)
Things are a little crooked because we just had an earthquake, 'kay?
Progress on the kitchen and living room was motivated by my discovering the Iron Craft monthly challenges on Just Crafty Enough. Challenge #4 (the current one) was "Dreaming of Spring" -- and since the kitchen has pink flowered wallpaper, continuing with a "spring" theme seemed like a win. (The bath was finished in January but never photographed and logically belongs with the rest of the condo.)

With the exception of buying the kitchen chairs, the new bathroom wallpaper, and a can of pink spray paint, I dug into stash for everything. Shall we take a look?