Monday, June 23, 2014

Swinging in with "swinging sixties" furniture

The Moose is bemused with delight when Spidey shows up with a haul of Mid-Century Modern furniture bought at auction.

This is Blue Box furniture, the Heywood Wakefield of the half-scale crowd. The chest of drawers and the stool also resemble Triang's Spot on furniture in 1:18, but the dressing table doesn't.

Part of the appeal of this furniture is that all the doors and drawers open.

The dressing table fits neatly in the bathroom, where its stool even matches the d├ęcor.

There is room for the nightstand next to the Moose's vast rustic bed. Next, he'll want a lamp, since it's hard to read by the light of the ceiling fan.

The dresser has a friend from an earlier shopping trip (in worse condition). The Moose's happiness at having ample storage compensates for his discovery that the ceiling fan has fallen down again. Better get Spidey up here to do something about that!

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