Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cleo and Draculaura go to the spa

Cleo and Draculaura -- who's thinking of calling herself D'Laura -- wait nervously at the spa for their hair appointment.

In my universe, Cleo and D'Laura have graduated from Monster High, so they're about eighteen and ready for a more grown-up, college-bound look. (They can have just as many monster friends at ASU, trust me on this.) It was time to take down Cleo's high ponytail and D'Laura's pigtails.

The girls feel pensive but relaxed after the first stage of boil-washing: dipping in hot water and combing. Comb, dip, comb, dip, comb, dip, comb. They've probably had three dips each at this point, and a lot of styling product has been removed from D'Laura's bangs.

Cleo's gold streaks are rooted, rather than painted like the Werecat Twin's stripes, so they aren't faded by dipping. However, it turns out that they were rooted with lots of short strands going into the ponytail and fewer long strands running through it, so the streaks aren't even once her hair is down.

After deep conditioning and rinsing, the girls await their massages.

The next question is: "to cut or not to cut"? I'm quite taken with the short 'do that Hey, It's Muff! did on her Cleo (though I don't intend to follow her example in head-shrinking, which is not, in this case, psychotherapy), but I'm also nervous about ruining a doll's hairdo. [ETA: Oops! Looking at the Monster High releases, I think that Cleo is simply a different Cleo, either Dawn of the Dance or Skull Shores, while mine is Gloom Beach.]

A plan! Back when I accidentally visited the Super-Sekrit Goodwill out at 53rd Avenue and Camelback (it's an obvious large building, but apparently invisible to everybody but me), they had a whole section of used fashion dolls in two-packs for $1.99. I resisted the temptation because none of the packs contained Liv dolls, and I really didn't need any more 1:6 people. But wait! I can use cheap dolls for hairstyle experiments!

That's if I can find any. The Goodwill on Thomas Road was packed on Saturday, with lines comparable to Nordstrom's Last Chance outlet, and had only two fashion dolls at $1.99 each, both with short hair. The Goodwill on Scottsdale Road, on Monday, had no fashion dolls at all: that entire section of pegboard was empty. Gracie's in Tempe had no real doll section, just a pile of the 18" dolls that were sold as decor back in the 1980s.

Logic calls for going back to the Super-Sekrit Goodwill, which is... two hours from work by bus. Eep!

Meanwhile, Cleo and D'Laura watch classic horror movies because it's easier than thinking about hair.

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