Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A treat for Hayden and a detour into knock-offs (with no buying)

Alexis and Sophie placate Hayden by demonstrating that they did go shopping for bathroom tile! They got a deal on beige marble that should go nicely with the beige slate flooring.

In their world, marble comes in rolls. It's shelf paper from Dollar Tree, where I also picked up a second glass lamp so there'd be a matching pair, plus a pack of pipe cleaners to use as doll-hair curlers.

The Dollar Tree jaunt occurred because after weather forecasts of 115 for today, my Yahoo Weather app was showing only 108. (It lied. It was 113 with severe heat warnings.) The Dollar Tree on the way home from work is in the same sprawling plaza with Walmart and Home Depot, so of course I had to pop into Walmart, where I encountered (with no interest in buying, even on a better sale) this Fairy Tale High gal and her friends.

My first thought was to wonder why her head was so small, since thanks to Ever After High, everybody knows fairy-tale characters have gigantic apple-shaped heads. While EAH is about the children of fairy tale characters, Fairy Tale High is the fairy tale characters as teen students at a high school for the performing arts. (I cribbed this last fact from Toy Box Philosopher's post on Rapunzel, as FTH lacks the organized, wiki-making fandom of MH and EAH.)

Being really sick of the conceit that all girls' Big Group of Best Friends lines must have their interests limited to fashion, sports, music, movies, and pets... if I were creating a Belle doll, she'd be planning to go after a master's in library science (not realizing that this entitles her to a part-time, underpaid job in which she'll barely be able to afford her cat-print sweatshirts and matching dangling cat earrings).

Ariel would be looking for a scholarship in oceanography rather than doing her best imitation of a Winx fairy. Her classmates would groan at her puns about "doing things on porpoise."

Cinderella would be planning on a business degree, since my dim recollection of the fairy tale is that her late father was a wealthy merchant. I see Cindy as going into supply chain management, though her secret ambition might be to start a hedge fund.

But it doesn't matter, as all of these girls look cheap, in both senses of the world. I'm also not a fan of the fairy tale merchandise convention that everybody outside Aladdin must be a whiter shade of pale. While I don't feel a yen to collect vast amounts of Monster High, at least it has people of color (well, green is a color, too!).

As I was wasting time in the Elaborate Branded Series doll aisle, a man came down the aisle with a small boy in his cart, the man exuding dismay as he tried to find what the boy's sister had requested. Thanks to having spent several weeks reading Toy Box Philosopher's doll review blog with intense focus, I knew immediately that he wanted the Jakks Pacific version of Maleficent. So I showed him around the doll section, determined that it wasn't sold there, and sent him off to Target. This clearly justifies the side trip to Walmart.

Meanwhile, Elena and Katie are watching a meteor shower because it's quite bearably in the high 90s after dark.

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