Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sophie goes to the hairdresser

Sophie looks askance at her hair, which persisted in having that thrift-shop frizz.

Her hair is not on her head because in Liv World, "snatch you bald" is not a figure of speech. Sophie's not quite bald -- she has a cute pixie cut -- but she's more than ready to have her hair boil-washed. ("I need that like I need a hole in the head" also has different meaning to the Liv girls, since the wig has a spike that goes in the hole in the head.)

"My, that looks like a drowned rat."

"Maybe a short 'do would be cooler and lighter for summer anyway."

But here we are the next morning, and Sophie's hair is smooth, straight, and shiny! I credit the deep conditioner.

It looks smoother from the front, too.

"Hallelujah! It's nice to have hair again!"

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  1. I have about 6 Liv dolls. I really like them...now if we could only get her head a little smaller!