Sunday, July 27, 2014

Experimental Subject #6 makes her choice

Still murmuring of banana slugs, Experimental Subject #6 is escorted to the Facial Therapy Chamber by Miss Hanzo.

After 24 hours under supervision, Experimental Subject #6's airheaded giddiness was deemed to be her natural personality, not the effect of drugs, thereby making her capable of informed consent.

Her response to the "change your face" offer was "cool beans!"

Miss Hanzo has promised to stay with her during the procedure. Really, it's just one more horror in a life already filled with strife and bloodshed.

In the camera flash for the official Before photo, Experimental Subject #6 almost appears to show a glimmer of intelligence.

The acetone procedure takes a few minutes. Once the skin is washed clean of chemicals and allowed to dry, the process of building a new face can begin.

In better morning light, I noticed that there were a few bits of screening that has been missed the first time, so that'll have to be touched up. Meanwhile, off-brand Oxy-10 has reduced the birthmarks on Experimental Subject #1 to shadows that it's necessary to concentrate to see. She's going to get one more round, but I'm thrilled that this method of removing stains works.

Poor ditzy Experimental Subject #6 appears to have the Generation Girl/CEO head mold introduced in 1999. Judging from the examples on Katti's Dolls, this mold depends a lot on the face-up for whether the doll will appear silly, sultry, wholesome, friendly, working a side job as an exotic dancer to pay for law school, or pursuing a career as a surfing instructor.

The closer these get to being clean slates, the closer I get to having to take colored pencil in hand and putting a face on them. This prospect seemed less intimidating when it was more hypothetical.

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  1. "Facial Therapy Chamber" I love that phrase! Face painting is always daunting, which is why I'm such a slacker at it.