Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Have some healthful kale juice and relax...

As she sips her cleansing kale juice, Experimental Subject #3 tries to ignore Experimental Subject #6's cheerfully stoned chatter about sea slugs, butterflies, and how she hopes to score some peyote in Arizona.

Meanwhile, Experimental Subject #5 has caught sight of her own reflection in a mirror and is murmuring cheesy pick-up lines to it. "They must be missing an angel in heaven" is her favorite. Experimental Subject #3 is considering teaching her "I used to be Snow White, but then I drifted."

But where is Experimental Subject #4?

Having obtained her spa robe and determined that her cleaned and conditioned hair is downright amazing, Experimental Subject #4 has gone exploring.

"What do you mean, you have to GET A NEW FACE? Girl, that's just not right."

Driven by pity and horror, Experimental Subject #4 encourages Experimental Subject #1 to tell everything she knows about the spa and how she came here. It's not much, but it's enough to raise the hackles on Experimental Subject #4's neck.

Another experimental subject with curiosity and initiative, thinks Miss Hanzo, who's come to check on the bleaching progress. This does make a change in our plans.

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