Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Experimental Subject #2 gets an identity, sort of

Dark-haired maybe-Barbie turns out to be a second-wave Barbie Fashionistas "Sporty" from 2011. This makes her the Barbie equivalent of Liv Katie.

Katie is delighted to catch up on news about fellow members of their college curling team, but she'd forgotten how small her former teammate's head is. (Oddly, Sporty looked prettier before I put clothes on her, but she can't very well hang out in the nude, not outside the spa. This is the spirit-dampening effect of Barbie clothes, but I'm also not pulling out the sewing machine at 10 p.m.)

Figuring out this gal's identity required quality time with The Vinyl Idol's comparison of body types and would still have gone nowhere if I hadn't spotted a passing mention that second-wave Fashionistas got a Pivotal-style knee.

Here she is in her original outfit: http://jadiina.skyrock.com/3062852467-My-Barbie-Fashionistas-Sporty-Second-Wave.html

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