Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Victorian Fixer

This is becoming a mod Tudor 1970s swinging London house... slowly.

This very odd Victorian house -- also an Arrow -- came as a package deal with the Colonial Cottage. It was equally yellow and equally hot-glued with junk. As usual, it's supposed to be 1:12 but would have rooms only 6-1/2 feet deep in that scale. In 1:18, it is about 160 square feet per floor, or 485 square feet total. Truly, city living is cramped!

Using Soyo Urban Artist acrylic on the exterior resulted in desirable texture (to cover the former crud) without the trouble of using drywall compound or adding sand to paint. The trim is black tempera, a decision made recklessly at Arizona Art Supply because I was sick of dealing with Michael's acrylic paint section. It turns out that tempera will rub off if it's not sealed. I have the spray sealer but want to be absolutely sure the exterior is fully painted before I use it.

I have no real idea what to do with the hall. In a house this tiny, it's wasted space to have a foyer, so it ought to have some other purpose.

Of course, a formal dining room is wasted space, too, but the dining set was irresistible when it turned up at Kris Kringle's in Scottsdale. The residents apparently collect gumball machines (mostly from miWorld packs). The giant flowers came attached to a cork from Pier 1's clearance shelf. Getting the cork off revealed the screw, so I outsmarted myself there. I'm thinking vaguely about blue-and-white striped wallpaper.

The kitchenette is a Hallmark ornament.

The resin sofa is another Kris Kringle find. The two chairs are vintage pieces that show up in various colors. The name Linda got attached to them because that was part of the branding on one of the sets that Rebecca of Rebecca's Collections has. I have over-the-top pink-and-brown wallpaper from Hobby Bench, purchased the same day I bought the house.

Upstairs is a bit of an unknown. The dresser seems to fit.

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