Monday, May 19, 2014

Katie and Hayden arrive dressed for summer in Phoenix

They are from the "Making Waves" line released in May 2011, so they've been out in their swim suits, looking for a home, for three solid years now.

This, of course, is the sofa that may or may not actually be 1:6 scale. The girls seem to fit on it, and it barely squeezes into the available space on the existing bookshelves, so I'm calling that a win. The art behind them is "Easily Apples in the Back Yard" by Tyler Nguyen. The owl is here because everybody needs an owl.

Getting them out of their boxes required whipping out the new heavy duty utility knife. I will be picking bits of plastic connecting tape off the girls for weeks, and I mostly left their sunglasses and purses attached so those can't get lost for the time being.

Katie's biography promises that she loves wind-surfing. Canonically, Katie is the athletic one (yet, oddly, supposed to be klutzy).

Hayden learned how to row. In earlier editions, Hayden had a horse, so I think she's supposed to be the one who composts and grows her own herbs.

Katie looks chic in her sunglasses.

And demonstrates what a pretty face she has without them.

Here's Hayden's equally pretty (if blurry) close-up. I shall need to comb her hair. She has hazel eyes, which I don't think is common in fashion dolls.

Since I don't want to pose her with her sunglasses, it's time to demonstrate the amazing thing that Liv dolls can do. Not only can they sprawl on the sofa... they can kneel with full structural stability.

While she's up, Hayden pays a visit to Spiderman at the Victorian Fixer (I'm not sure if he lives there or is just pet-sitting).

Selena is quite alarmed by Katie, though she likes the bikini color.

Iphigenia Lapin is even more alarmed by a person as tall as her house.

Katie drops by the Steampunk Orchid to have a chat with the Goth Bunny.

The most immediate next project may need to be sarongs, as while Phoenix is informal, there exist a handful of occasions for which bikinis are not considered appropriate.

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