Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Chicken Coop

A converted chicken coop that's off the grid is the home of a faceless Everyperson who started as a keychain-sized possible artist model from Arizona Art Supply.

This is a Michael's barn, posed here with two wells: one from Hobby Lobby and a far superior one from Michael's California Mission collection.

I'm still browsing 54mm outhouses to choose the best one for my needs (also to resist ordering endless accessories from Denmark).

The rocking chair was the first piece of furniture bought for the house and established its scale. I built the bed from basswood and balsa. I am still vaguely surprised to have done so.

The stove and ice box were antique store finds. I also built the sink, this time mostly from cardstock. It still needs a pump fitting. The bottle cap is slated to become a table.

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