Thursday, May 15, 2014

Big Head Maude's Storybook Cottage

Big Head Maude lives in a Creatology Puzzle Dollhouse with her cat Luna and whichever band members choose to crash on the couch. Trish the guitarist and Billie the drummer are the ones most often seen these days.

This storybook cottage is in the F.Q. Story historic neighborhood west of Central Avenue, between McDowell and Roosevelt, and east of Grand Avenue. This location is convenient if the band ever gets a gig at the Crescent Ballroom. In the mean time, Maude is most likely to be found at Lola or the Pita Jungle.

I bought the kit on impulse at Michael's and starting assembling it one autumn night in late 2010 while waiting for a landlord to show up to fix something. It goes together really easily, then requires a ton of added trim to be respectable. The house is about 550 square feet.

This house owes all of its furniture to various Town Square sets; its wall, floor, and ceiling paper all come from one travel-themed set of paper that I bought at Target. These decorating decisions were the start of the rule that houses in 1:18 are relatively realistic (no matter how bizarre the materials I use for them) while houses in 1:24 are outright fantasies.

There is no photo of the bath because it came out as a blur.

Luna does not belong on the table! The posters in the far back corner are from the tours of Maude's favorite bands.

The baby grand piano is Maude's preferred instrument, though she has an electronic keyboard for band gigs. She inherited it, as a piano is well beyond her budget.

Outdoors, the band gathers around the barbecue. Cooking outdoors is less fun in May than in December, but more fun in May than in July. Also visible is Maude's Vespa, which is sufficient to get her to her day job as office manager for a small architectural firm.

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