Monday, May 19, 2014

Katie and Hayden feel a bit underdressed

Katie and Hayden aren't sure what to make the giant monster coming in with the tide. This is a very strange beach!

Hayden is wearing her sunglasses because, having sworn I wasn't removing any more accessories, I cut the little plastic strings while waiting for the iron to heat. Everybody involved still has all limbs, much to my surprise.

Katie and Hayden are getting sarongs! The bikini thing was feeling a little too girls-gone-wild, so I pulled fabric out of my stash. Fortunately, Katie goes well with the bed linens from the Hipster House, while Hayden coordinates nicely with the living room cushions from Casa Conejo.

Being lazy, I simply pinked a shape, folded the top over and ironed it to keep it neat, and tied the result around the girls. Obviously, they will get better clothes later.

The girls seem much more relaxed, now that they're dressed for company.

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