Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Coming Soon: Katie and Hayden from Liv World

Meet the best fashion dolls you've never heard of: the Liv World gang.
Photo from 2009 press release

Briefly marketed from 2009 to 2012, the Liv World dolls were extensively posable, had flat feet (no perma-high heels!), and were pretty without being painted as utterly vacuous.

My mom found a mysterious blond fashion doll, highly jointed, at a thrift store. We researched and discovered it was an early Sophie.

Since then, we've been keeping an eye out in the places that remaindered dolls show up -- which means Tuesday Morning, Big Lots, and the sorts of decaying Toys R Us that haven't reorganized their shelves since late 2010 -- for more. As a result of this vigilance, I will soon be getting a Katie (the one in the hat) and a Hayden (not shown, as she joined later) in the mail.

What this really constitutes is an excuse to build fashion-doll-sized furniture.

It turns out that 1:6 lends itself to an attitude of "let's build furniture from random household trash and dollar store items!" Given enough spray paint and hot glue, all things are possible. I'm figuring a can of beige, a can of white, and a can of black should be sufficient to make anything look like it came from IKEA.

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  1. Thanks for the Pinterest board link! I'm following that board now ;-)

    I agree that Emily's Toybox Philosopher reviews are excellent and enjoyable.

    Glad you are on the Liv bandwagon while you can still get them ;-)

    P.S. Are you on Pinterest? I have several doll boards there - let me know if you have any 1:6 scale ones there. You can check mine, too, if you like.