Thursday, May 15, 2014

Casa Conejo: A Compact Condo

Casa Conejo -- home of Iphigenia Lapin, who works as a risk analyst for the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality -- is located in a tiny garden loft-condo in-fill development in the Roosevelt Historic District. Ms. Lapin takes the light rail to Central Station, then the DASH to her office.

Her house is a CD holder that used to be available at Michael's. It looks so much like a house, with its high windows, that it cries out to be a house. It is a very small house, at about 240 square feet. The style is a contemporary condo version of Spanish Revival.

This was originally a spring 2011 project as "just a quick little project as relief from a much larger project" (that never got done at all), motivated mostly by a violent desire to do something in PINK. I come down with this urge every Easter and usually manage to lie down until it goes away.

The downstairs color scheme was thus very easy: pink and white. A cameo of an ancestral bunny hangs over the marble fireplace.

The upstairs turned out to be immensely difficult, and I'm not entirely sure how I settled on Basic Grey's Wisteria line. The bed is an antique shipped at great expense from Ms. Lapin's family home in New Orleans.

Tile work in the bath is not quite straight: circa 2006, good contractors were hard to find. There are rumors Phoenix didn't 'to even have a building code until the 1990s, but those are likely exaggerated.
There are plans for more landscaping soon, when I figure out how to best paint an item to be revealed later.

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