Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Quick and Easy Project, Stage 5: Package Arrives

Katie ponders how to arrange the furniture in her dollhouse. Right now, it's all bare metal.

"It's just like what I had as a kid."

Here's how tiny 144th scale is.

So tiny that it struggles to bend light waves!

Here the furniture is placed tentatively in the house. The lounge is a little sparse because that's where I'm most likely to add random stuff later. There is also no bed because I have endless faith in my ability to construct beds.

Apartment Therapy would NOT approve the flow of the lounge.

And... 5 a.m. painting test! I started with the kitchen because it's blocky, so if this is a fail, the paint will be easy to scrub off.  Also, I knew I had the Light Avocado I wanted, from doing the Steampunk Orchid's trim.

Behold! Pale green. . . somethings!

This seems to work! I wouldn't recommend rough handling, and I do intend to seal it after adding details... but the paint doesn't laugh mockingly and peel right off.

The next stage -- Painting -- involves clearing off the coffee table and convincing the cat to keep his big white paws to himself. With any luck, the furniture is too small to be interesting as prey.

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