Saturday, September 20, 2014

Bathroom surprise!

Sophie and Meygan have decided to surprise Hayden by fixing up the bathroom.

(After seven photo shoots and ten drafts of my promised Hispanic Heritage Month post, I'm still not satisfied, so that's going to hang fire a little longer while I enjoy my last Marinela Choco Roll and get some tidying and organizing done. There are still three weeks to the month.)

The key to happiness is accessorizing.
Unsurprisingly with Phoenix construction, the marble walls ripple a bit. There are rumors that we got a building code some time in the 1980s, but I've never seen proof that it's enforced in any way. (I was very pleased to get beige "marble" in Dollar Tree contact paper, regardless. The floor is a vinyl sticky tile from Home Depot.)

Hayden is thrilled with the results.

At last! A refuge from chaos!
She would have liked a shower curtain, but I'm in the midst of one of those days where "touch it" equals "break it," so I'm making a wide circuit around the sewing machine while muttering protective charms.

Big fluffy white towels!
I'm particularly pleased with the white lotion/shampoo/whatever containers. They're thingies from the 10-cent and 25-cent boxes at S.A.S. Fabric. I have no idea what their original use was, but they looked to me like earnest, organic, heavily designed bathroom dispensers.

The faucet needs more touch-up paint, damnit.
Alert observers will note that Meygan and Sophie are not wearing homemade dresses. They hated their dresses. So last Sunday night, I went to Walmart and bought the two Sparkle Girlz fashions that appealed to me, to see if those worked better. (As the last on the block to buy Sparkle Girlz clothing packs, I have now joined my peer group.)

Sophie isn't sure about hers, though she hates it less than she hated her homemade dress. Trying to dress Sophie alerted me that she's one of the few gals where I have no idea what personal style I'm aiming for, other than that it's not reflected by the fabric I have around the house.

Meygan chose to wear her shirt with jeans, since leggings in Phoenix in September are very hot and itchy. She loves the look. She especially loves it because it attracted a larger and better monkey.

Now that is a monkey!
To demonstrate earnestness in the pursuit of the not-yet-done Hispanic Heritage Month post, I'm going to append a few instances of the failed photo shoots to every post until I get the real one done.

Here, Elena Rodriguez (a.k.a. Fashionista Sporty, a.k.a. Teresa) sits with Rebecca Essenath Chavez (Pocahontas head on Fashionista Artsy body, which indicates how much Mattel has bleached the main playline, since Artsy is supposed to be African-American) have borrowed Manuel and Abigail's cats, Talavera and Tonala. Both cats are actually in the style of Tonala pottery from Jalisco.

We look cute with cats, regardless.


  1. That bathroom is fantastic! Great job on it.

  2. Just love the bathroom! I have pieces from that set (it used to be my daughter's) and you've given me some great ideas. The "thingies" you used for lotion bottles, etc. look like blind pulls. They do make good looking accessories!

  3. Love the bathroom! I went to Joann's today for scrap book paper and other goodies. Now, I can finally get around to taking pics for my HHM post.

  4. The bathroom is wonderful! your projects are amazing

  5. Aw, thanks! It was long overdue, and Hayden is very relieved to finally have it done.

  6. The bathroom looks very elegant! those little white thingys look like air fresheners. I like the out-fits of the two girls in the last picture.

  7. Hayden should be proud: that is one sharp bathroom. Very cool. Thanks for sharing it.