Friday, September 5, 2014

Quick and Easy Project, Stage 3: The Modge-Podging

Katie discovers a dollhouse.
I know I had one of those as a kid.
In a frenzy of late-night activity on Wednesday, I cut wallpaper and flooring for the Old Schoolhouse, and modging was podged. This took only about three tries to get the paper in tight, but not too tight. Wallpaper is only on the back walls because. . . um. . . design decision.

The roof has also had two coats of chocolate-colored acrylic paint but needs at least one more.

Here's a close-up of an earlier stage, as it's time to identify what room is what!

Wallpapering is such a GLOPPY task.
Bottom floor: left (green/red) is the kitchen; right (pink/beige) is the dining room.
Middle floor: lounge.
Top floor: left (white tile) is the bath; right (lace) is the bedroom.

After moderate dithering over whether I should go to Auntie Em's in Glendale on Saturday to see if she has unpainted metal furniture (but I've been to Glendale twice this summer) or whether I should call and ask if she has it (but she'll tell me their inventory is huge and to come look for myself) or whether to repeat these activities with the even less likely dollhouse shop up at the top end of Scottsdale. . .

I ordered the furniture I wanted from tandscraft on eBay. I did it on the bus between Tempe Transit Center and Curry Road, which means it took under nine minutes and furnished the house for about $20. It will likely be in my hands on Tuesday night, and ordering frees about 3-4 hours of my time during the week (to go to the Scottsdale dollhouse store after work) or on Saturday (to go to Glendale).

Cue question: "Did I just spend $20 on what was supposed to be a free project?" Um. . . well. . . none of the other houses needs any more furniture at all, other than the Moose Lodge being missing a kitchen table. . . and I have supplies for all the trim on all of them. . . so um. . . it seemed like a good idea at the time.

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