Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Beginnings of a quick & easy project, hair cut, dresses, cat

Here is my reward for stopping at Salvation Army to buy drinking glasses, since the cat smashed the last of the prior set. For $2.50, I got three vintage poppy-patterned glasses that were marked $1.99 for the set, one unpriced glass with little star-shaped flowers, and this shadowbox, also marked $1.99. If it's below 90 tomorrow morning, I am going to hop out in the yard and spray paint this beige.

Five rooms, no obvious scale.
This is intended as a Quick, Easy, Satisfying Project that will display some of the 1:48 furniture that started as Hobby Lobby charms and use some of my tiny-patterned scrapbook paper that doesn't fit the Swamp Home's ambience.

Of course, QESPs are the road to perdition, since they're never as Q or E as they seem like they ought to be.

Meanwhile, Catra, partly repainted but regrettably skirtless, surveys progress on the bathroom tile.

"I think I need to talk with the tile installer about unblocking the window."

All my creativity coalesced around the mystery-novel-in-progress, leaving nothing but bleariness for crafts, which is how I forgot that I was going to cut a notch for the window before I Modge-Podged the tile-print fabric to it. Cutting later is all right, as it would really look better with a square-tile edging... which I have no clear idea how to accomplish, unless I stumble on that fabric. *sigh*

Krys got a completely uninspired dress that's at least in a flattering color. It seemed like time for Katie to model her dress, too. She has darts. I designed this dress without a pattern at the end of a 10-hour sewing bout roughly two months ago and have no idea how I did it or where the skills to put darts symmetrically in striped fabric went, as I sure don't have them now.

It would be better if the waiter brought us mimosas.
Meygan got a hair trim to remove her split ends and make her hair a more sensible waist-length, rather than long enough to sit on. I am not a fan of the trend that every doll must be have long, flowing locks for hair play.

It feels so good to be able to kneel! And to have feet!
I'd originally intended to braid her hair and leave it long, but Meygan has scanty rooting.

I'm not quite at Chinese knock-off levels of rooting, but I'm getting there.
She also looks more adult and pulled-together from the front.
I am grateful not to be wearing the EXACT SAME DRESS as everybody else.
Krys wanted to pose with her new friends, D'Laura and Briony. They are all wearing the same dress in different fabrics.

Maybe we should be a perfume ad.
Since everybody else was getting photographed outside, the cat wanted to be included. Sitting in the patio chair was last year's new trick. This year's new trick is eating peanut butter.
It would be better if the waiter brought mimosas.

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