Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Quick and Easy Project Stage 1: Euphoric Activity

Quick and easy projects always begin in a rush of enthusiastic activity, in which the progress that can be made is boundless!

I set my alarm for five a.m. so that I could spray paint in the cool of pre-dawn darkness. The 1980s French blue -- traditionally accompanied by pink and chickens -- had to go. Beige is the word. If I ever write an erotic best seller, it will be titled 50 Shades of Beige.

Goodbye, mid-1980s blue! Goodbye, ghosts of chickies and bunnies!
There are downsides to my dislike of artificial light. For instance, I reached into my dark closet and pulled out a beige-ish spray can... which turned out not to be my usual khaki/almond shade, but medium brown.

Krylon promises:
Darker browns are more sophisticated while lighter beiges and tans can be used anywhere. Brown's association with coffee and chocolate make it a sensual color.
This is now a more sophisticated project. It is also sensual. The darker brown will make the beige-background wallpapers "pop," right?

I am completely adorable but not usable in anything larger than 1:48.
Well, except maybe a hat box.
These are Jenni Bolin designs: the top one is Wren and the bottom, Magpie. It was hanging around Melrose Vintage (which may have since gone belly up), looking adorable a year or two ago. Since at the time, I had a pledge to buy only for known projects, presumably there was some noble fiction about what I intended to use these for.

The furniture that caused me to think "oh, I could buy that little shadowbox and put furniture in it" is this dressing table and chair from Hobby Lobby, both from the jewelry charms section.

If Barbie and Monster High came in 1" tall versions,
they'd be pulling one another's hair to get this much glitz.
With inevitable dramatic irony, the furniture is too big for the building.

And so begins Phase 2: the eBaying.

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