Monday, August 4, 2014

Self-starter, goal-focused, and detail-oriented

Miss Hanzo is enjoying her afternoon herbal tea when she is interrupted by what ought to be a surprise... though Miss Hanzo looks more amused than alarmed.

Experimental Subject #4 has raided the clothing stash and she means business.

Literally. While amnesia has obscured most details of her prior life, she remembers accounting skills and has been doing some digging -- well, hacking -- into the spa's computer system in her copious free time. She's fairly sure the spa could manage its working capital more efficiently, plus she has some ideas on tax status.

Miss Hanzo is gratified -- she's been following Experimental Subject #4's computer activities, waiting to see what happens and ready to take action if things get out of hand -- but points out that staying and joining the staff will be mean a full body transplant. Legs that can't bend simply will not do in this business.

It could also be quite a while before the transplant happens, as darker-skinned articulated bodies are not easy to come by.

Experimental Subject #4 asks questions to be sure that the body transplant process is perfectly safe and is assured that it is. It's very rare that a head or neck cracks and can't be repaired, and all known subjects of the process have recovered with their personalities intact.

Being able to move freely seems like an obvious win.

Everybody looks mildly stunned in their official employee badge photo. Experimental Subject #4 is now Akilah Nichelle Davis, this giving her an Arabic/African name first name meaning "bright, intelligent" and a middle name for Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Uhura).

She may still get some work on her make-up -- and definitely styling for her magnificent hair -- and I suppose she'll want a dress now, too. Everybody wants a dress, and not one of the girls is any help in setting up a bobbin.