Saturday, August 23, 2014

Boil-washing extravaganza plus new dresses to celebrate Rebecca's body transplant

It's amazing how an unexpected visit from one's landlord can suddenly make tidying and cleaning seem so much less onerous, to the point that doing it right now works extremely well. The answer to stress is always boil-washing, which is why there's now a candid shot of some Liv girls with their painted-on pixie cuts.

Alexis seems worried about what Fitzroy's going to do next.
Katie, Hayden, Alexis, and Krys are all getting their hair cleaned and shined because everybody was looking as if they'd been in Arizona for a while -- and frantic cleaning had resulted in putting most of the body farm in a bag in the closet, leaving me free counter space.

In upper right, we have Goodwill Livs getting lots of oxy-10 because their faces are so smudged. There's an extra brown wig from the Goodwill trip, too. Right now, these are at the conditioning stage.

Clockwise from top left: swimsuit Katie, Goodwill Katie,
Krys, Alexis, Hayden.
A couple weeks ago, the first time my bought-in-July laptop died, I made dresses for some of the new keepers from fat quarters in a Tuesday Morning fabric pack. The fabric turns out to be stiffer than what I usually get from Joann, so it doesn't hang quite the same. (I don't have a washing machine and therefore don't pre-wash fabric for doll dresses, since it's unlikely to get a whole lot of future washing that would lead to shrinkage. I may have to change this policy and hand-wash fabric.)

Akilah Nichelle wonders if her skill at looking the
intended direction will be retained after her body transplant.
Elena is Rebecca's post-graduate "big sister" in her sorority for women of color at ASU. Rebecca is pre-med. She drives a casino shuttle bus to help pay for books and such.

Akilah believes she was a member of the same sorority, back in the day, but of course, since everybody has amnesia, it's really hard to tell. She wanted a dress, regardless. She will be happy to get a more modern articulated body, as the 1990s wasp-waist body doesn't handle little elasticized sundresses very well.

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