Saturday, August 9, 2014

Bath time at the spa!

Miss Hanzo supervises the community bath at the spa. Some of the new subjects intended to pass through to other places are quite dirty.

The two at bottom left are the Sophie and Hayden from last week's trip, as they need a good scrubbing and may require the Oxy-10 treatment before moving on. A spare Katie is top left, above a Barbie slated for redonation (but I enjoy cleaning them up, so they get cleaned). Top right is a cheap Disney Pocahantas with a very stylized face, awful hair, and unmatchable skin tone, so she's scheduled for redonation, no matter how much I'd otherwise be pleased to have a Native American stay permanently. Fashionista Artsy is fully articulated but not attractive to me, so she's either moving on through the spa's relocation project or donating her body to Kayla, who has a less common face mold and the bonus of being Maori.

Goodwill was a complete zoo due to a major sale, so while I got a very good deal on today's picks, the place was crazy and I don't expect there to be any value to trying more stores in the afternoon or even tomorrow. Most of the doll wall out at 53rd Avenue was Bratz amputees.

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  1. Your Goodwill's have sales? I've never heard of such a thing. Too bad my local ones don't do that.