Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Last of the dollar-store beauties

Weirdly, CVS appears to be closing out Fairy Tale High's Cinderella and Alice in the summer seasonal section for $6.99. I was tempted for the articulation, but the faces are so flat and stamped-on that they'd always feel inferior to the rest of the girls.

Thanks to an unseasonably cool day in the 90s without rain, I can now answer the vital question of "what does the 99 Cents Only do as $1 fashion dolls?" Answer: a boxed version of the plastic-bag dolls at Dollar General, but with different hair colors and better dresses.

Red head, medium brown, dark brown.
Blond and extremely blond
Entirely missing are the DG honey blond and African-American. The closer look made possible by the 99 Cents Only staff not being paranoid allows a person to admire how scanty rooting creates the illusion of streaks.

My experience in digging through the very backs of shelves -- honed in the doll sections of Big Lots, Tuesday Morning, Ross, and K-Mart -- would be why I scored the last box of Delimex cinnamon-apple roll-up thingies, the only three pepperoni frozen pizzas, and the national-brand whack-em thwack-em rolls instead of the made-in-Mexico imitation. I hunt. I gather.


  1. For the first time I picked up a couple of these from my Dollar Tree because the outfits were darn cute. I've left them in the box but I imagine they will fall apart as soon as I try to put them on a doll, lol.

    1. I am in the grip of severe temptation to get one and unbox it, with full details... I think I'm going to hold out for an actual Swap Mart Beauty, though, if I can haul myself out of bed at the crack of dawn on Sunday.