Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Be careful what doors you open at the spa

When Miss Hanzo shows off an important new project, Akilah Nichelle takes it in stride, but Sophie is appalled.

Sophie's horror may be fear that the spa has taken up cloning.

Miss Hanzo explains that it's a project to rescue Persons of Articulation from thrift stores, clean them up, and then relocate them to places where they're appreciated... on financial terms that help fund the spa, of course.

Such practices are part of the underground economy that will get Akilah Nichelle a properly jointed body, eventually.


  1. LOL, Sophie does look suitably appalled and a little bit scared.

  2. Sophie is worried that she and her friends aren't safe (though they are).

    Somehow, I have gone from "well, I have two fashion dolls" to "okay, I have six," to "my entire kitchen counter is covered with bodies."