Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Three Little Fakies From School Are We!

We can stand short sleeves in December -- we're all MONSTERS.
On Thanksgiving Day, Dollar General started a Buy One, Get One 50% Off toy sale, so Nile got some friends: Dracuheather (known to her pals as D'Heath) and Howlouise. Then I made dresses for all of them, which get their close-up after the jump -- along with Big Sister/Little Sister photos with their Monster High originals.

(Where I've been for six weeks? Well, I started NaNoWriMo in fine fettle, then on November 15 came down with... something. It consisted mostly of mind-numbing fatigue, to the point where my boss took a hard look at me and told me to go home and work from home until after Thanksgiving. So I did that. And since then, I've been catching up from two weeks of getting very little done. But I'm better now, in a confused way.)

The girls are ready for their close-ups.

Nile prefers a tailored look. She is student body treasurer.
D'Heath is Goth, of course. 
Howlouise likes a vintage 1920s look. She's in the drama club.
When they join their older Monster High sisters, it's clear the Goth Tales girls are in that awkward adolescent stage. D'Laura looks downright delicate compared to D'Heath.

Psssst, little sis? Maybe with some sunscreen, you wouldn't be so PINK.
Frankie wonders why Nile is so rigid, so young. Lack of knee and elbow joints may be the reason.

Nile, when I was in your grade, I was vice-president. I don't do math!
Clawdia and Mawdia dispute which of them Howlouise should emulate.

Maudia: Howlouise, skip drama and do debate!
Claudia: Howlouise, skip drama and do 4-H!
Meanwhile, I'm in the midst of making dresses for similarly sized vintage Bratz. The younger-sister-sized contingent is past ten in number now. How did that happen?


  1. I hope you are feeling better. Everyone I know seems to just not be feeling well. I got wicked sick over Thanksgiving and am still not 100% Excellent doll collection!

  2. Hi, I hope you will recover completely pretty soon, I've been down with a dreadful backache for 20 days and it looks like it's a period like this. Hard time for doll lovers!
    I LOVE the dresses you made for this girls, they are so cute, as I'm a drama lover my favourite is Howlouise, but they are all so pretty!

    1. Oh, backache is the worse! You have my sympathy!

      Thanks so much. Howlouise was the challenge to dress -- she didn't want to indicate what she wanted.

  3. You know, the problem is....once you take in a few dolls and spoil them with such lovely dresses----they tend to send for their family and friends to join them!!! And THAT'S how 1 turns into 10 in a snap!!!!

    1. You're so right! Invasion...!

      I should probably be relieved rather than disappointed that Goth Tales doesn't appear to include a faux Cleo or a faux Ghoulia.

  4. These are pretty good for 'fakies.' Their dresses are very nice. Howlouise is the closest to not looking like a knockoff. So cool they can be little sisters.

    1. Thanks! Howlouise was actually the instigator... I saw her at DG last year, couldn't make up my mind... and then when they were all back this year, got Nile first because I knew I'd come back for Howlouise and whoever else was available.

  5. Fakies are ok if they are decently hair-rooted and dressed (AND the color of the head match the body). I have one: a green Clawdeen fakie that conquered my heart :D