Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Mabel and Mavis move in

Meet Mabel and Mavis, who have bought Abigail and Manuel's house, complete with furniture and cats, thereby completing the big-headed domination of local civilization.

Talavera and Tonala aren't sure what to make of the large new kitten, Taormina.
Mabel and Mavis are 6" high gals who are all over San Francisco's Chinatown as $2.99 key chains. Their extended family can be found with blonde hair, peach hair, and occasionally slightly darker brow hair -- but all the girls are Caucasian, with the same white-pink skin tone. I couldn't resist their sheer big-headedness.

Please come along for size and style comparisons to other dolls, the rest of the Chinatown shopping trip, and one surprise.

Mabel and Mavis are both taller and larger-headed than the Midnight Magic minis who live in the 1:18 houses.

The guests will NOT be allowed to sit in the more delicate armchairs.
However, they're smaller than Nastia (vintage Stacie) and appear to be of a different species than Va.

Nastia: "Va, do you think they're fairies?"
Va: "I don't know, but they terrify me."
Nastia: "Everything terrifies you."

Vintage Baby Bratz Yasmin may eat them.

Mavis, why is this baby wearing lingerie? And who gave birth to her?
However, Mabel and Mavis make almost-convincing younger sisters for Fairuza (rebodied old-Bratz Yasmin) and Katie (Liv).

Katie: "They're such girly girls, Fairuza. I was a tomboy at their age."
Here's Chinatown in mid-morning. This is with stores open -- it was quiet.

I scored a good deal of dollhouse stuff for very low prices.

The handwoven bamboo vases are probably the prize. They're for Hayden & Katie's 1:6 house. The owl pillow is for Mavis and Mabel, since it goes with their bedroom color scheme.

Everybody gets new-style fat-cat maneki-nekos. They are sold in bulk. The pink flamingos are for the 1:48 Swamp Home.

Katie and Hayden will also be enjoying cute lunches. These are erasers, actually from an Asian toy shop on the edge of North Beach.

And one little surprise not from Chinatown: here's Jade in the modernized hanbok that I made her, before she was wrapped as my sister's Christmas present. (She was posed in her modern outfit with Abbie a couple days ago.)

I hope this party has kimchi on little crackers.
Next post will be what I got as presents for Christmas!


  1. SF's Chinatown is soooo awesome. I was so lucky to have lived there. In SF, not Chinatown. I was in the Richmond District. lol

    1. You were SO lucky! I lived in SF for a few years, didn't miss it when I moved away... but now I do. Of course, after so many years in Phoenix, I just sort of miss everywhere that isn't Phoenix.

  2. That's a great collection of miniatures that you found there!

    And Mabel and Mavis look like a great pair - love the big eyes on them. :)

    1. Thank you! I was thrilled at how many little things were running loose. Now to get them assigned to houses...

  3. I love San Francisco's China Town, so many wonderful memories! The new girls are cute, they have a very nice personality and will leave their mark among the the big head community!
    You found such wonderful miniatures, I have to come back to San Francisco!!!!

    1. Thank you! You definitely need to do San Francisco again!

  4. Mabel and Mavis are just plain adorable. Their big eyes remind me of the Precious Moments characters. I collected PM figurines for a short time.

    1. Thank you! I've never been into PM, but those eyes just got me this time.

  5. Yeah, that Bratz baby definitely looks hungry lol. Great finds! Your new girls are really cute and I think will fit in really well. I love the tiny dollhouse finds!

  6. These are adorable. They resemble Betty Boop!!! I too, have fond, childhood memories of San Francisco's Chinatown. Happy New Year!

  7. Yep, I also think that Mabel and Mavis look like Betty Boop - but just a tad less vampy than her.

  8. Mabel and Mavis are actually Ddung knock-offs. Ddungs are full of big headed cuteness!

  9. Mabel and Mavis are actually Ddung knock-offs. Ddungs are full of big headed cuteness!