Sunday, November 1, 2015

Tagged, the sequel!

The Grandmommy at Big & Little Creations is back, y'all, and as part of her triumphant reapparance, she tagged me with the Liebster Award questions (thank you!). I figured "why not do it again?" since these are totally different questions.

We all know the rules by now:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog. (Check!)
  • Give your readers eleven random facts about yourself.
  • Answer the eleven questions from the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate eleven bloggers to receive this award.
  • Invent eleven questions for your nominees.

Let's start with The Grandmommy's questions, since I don't feel like being orderly today.

1. Have you ever shared your dolls/miniatures with a member of the opposite sex?
No, but I figure my dating pool is now logically limited to collectors of action figures and/or model trains.

2. Do you tell others about your hobby?
Yes, when asked "what do you do as hobbies?" And then I have to do all the caveats about how I'm really quite normal in most perceptible ways but sewing doll clothes is good for my sanity.

3. Do you have dolls/miniatures of other scales?
Yes, oh yes. Here's a round-up of the major scales.

Back row: Nicole (1:6), Valentina (1:8 if she were adult, idek as child)
Middle: Midnight Magic Kayley mini (1:18), Abigail (1:12)
Front: Rainbeaux (1:36-ish), Bighead Maude (1:24)
There are even smaller people running loose, but I gave up on making them appear nicely in a group photo.

4. Do you have a budget just for your hobby?
Not really: it's more a case of extreme cheapness varied with sessions of panicked spending on fabric and the occasional impulsive buy of a discontinued Bratz or Moxie.

5. Blogger or Facebook? Why?
Blogger is my comfort zone because it allows me to ramble. I've also had little luck with finding other fashion doll or dollhouse people who post regularly on FB.

6. Who is your biggest supporter in the world of dolls/miniatures?
It's a tie between my parents. Mom is the person I discuss this with all the time, but Dad's the one who, when the three of us are in a thrift store, holds up a Neglected Fashion Doll baggie that Mom and I both missed and asks "Is this what you're looking for?" and it is. (He is a man of few words, but damn, he makes them count. And yes, Dad collects trains.)

7. What doll/miniature would you like as a gift?
Shhhh!!! It's too close to Christmas to discuss such things, as I'll be more thrilled with whatever my parents think of than with anything I mention. (But I have stopped buying for myself so that I don't screw up parental plans.)

8. Which of your miniatures or dolls reminds you of yourself the most? Why?
My first Liv Katie is my avatar because she sort of looks like me... and then the Yasmins moved in. It's good to have Yasmins on those mornings when putting on the full make-up and the scarves and the big jewelry seems like a lot of work -- no Bratz has ever "let herself go" except in the sense of letting herself go to Nordstrom Rack for more leopard-patterned garments.

Fairuza (My Passion Yasmin) gets a little aggressive in hogging spotlight from Liv Katie.
9. Do you have other hobbies? What are they?
In theory, I write. I'm doing NaNoWriMo this year.

10) Have you ever traveled far for a doll/miniature purpose? How far?
This is a tough question because I roam all over the place and I look for toys wherever I go. So I'm there for some other reason, but I've also looked up every possible toy source.

11. Do you have dolls of other races or cultures than your own? Which are they?
Yes, and that's before we count Monster High ethnicities like "werewolf" and "blue." The predominant ethnicity among my fashion dolls is probably Latina -- which goes well with my region but which I am not -- but I also have Native American, Greek, Japanese, Maori, and Romany gals, as well as a small number of African-American dolls.

The three Liv Alexi -- Krystal, Alexis, and cousin Zora.
11 Facts about Myself

  1. Every January, I achieve a perfectly clean house, only to have it all fall apart in March.
  2. My dolls tend not to wear shoes because I sort of avoid wearing them myself.
  3. I survived TheKitchn's Baking School and baked every single bake-able lesson.
  4. Around week two of baking school, I started eating raw carrots for breakfast because I was so sick of eggs, butter, and sugar.
  5. Fall is my favorite season because in Arizona, it's like being released after six months of air conditioning and brutal heat.
  6. I've played over 500 levels of Candy Crush Soda Saga because it's a very good way to avoid making eye contact while on the bus.
  7. I've taken a taxi once and ordered a Zip Car only four times in two years of not owning a car; it's a point of pride to be good at buses even when the buses are resisting with all their might.
  8. My most memorable Halloween was the year in Minneapolis when it was almost summer in the afternoon... and then turned into a blizzard that shut down the city overnight.
  9. The first Halloween costume I remember was when I was four or five and had to be an "angel fairy." Even I don't know why I couldn't decide which.
  10. My mother will attest that it's very difficult to get me to do things before I'm damn ready to do them, which is how it took decades for me to get around to figuring out how to sew.
  11. My cat does not respect me in any way.
At this point, I think we're all out of blogs to nominate, so basically, if you feel a burning urge to answer The Grandmommy's questions, you should! And if you tell me you did, I will come read your blog.


  1. I had to chuckle at your 'clean house in Jan, ruined by March'. That's soooo me too. Although I tend to start my spring cleaning after the snow season has ended, it too lasts about a month or two at the most.

  2. I would love to see a picture of you as "angel fairy", it sounds very cute :-). The blizzard on Halloween must have been the perfect décor for this holiday! I so had to laugh with nr. 11, cats are all the same :-).

  3. I love reading these question tags - I chuckled at "case of extreme cheapness". LOL :)

  4. I had a good time reading all of this information about you. I do think you need something to occupy you on a bus or there is awkward looking at other people.

    There are several groups on Facebook where you can interact with others who enjoy dolls and dioramas. If it weren't for those groups, I wouldn't even go on Facebook. You may want to check them out.

  5. Very nice to get to know you better. I have always enjoyed reading about your travel antics on the buses and your dolly finds.

  6. Great answers! I loved the blurb about your Dad pointing out used dolls that he thinks you would like. My husband is starting to be like that as well...I caught him looking on Craigslist for Dolls/Toys the other day ;)

  7. LOL, does any cat ever respect its human?

    Very enjoyable reading!

  8. Great answers. It's nice to learn about others in the dolly blogosphere.

  9. What fun! I did nanowri too! Started out great only wrote about eight thousand words added to my twelve thousand. So, I am still writing! lol. I don't like wearing shoes either although I own dozens LOL