Sunday, January 21, 2018

When you realize, too late, you know who's who by their wigs & outfits

In the midst of a concerted cleaning of display shelves that had gotten dusty. I have space for drying only a few dolls at a time, so this is going to be a protracted project.

Anything homemade that shrinks, I'm just making a new one. Bleh!

Liv and let Liv


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    1. Yes! These are Liv dolls, a line that was around very briefly and vanished circa 2011. Two of mine are from Tuesday Morning, the rest from thrifting.

      They were sold with removable wigs, with the intent that people would change their wigs. I never do, and then some of the thrift ones didn't have their wigs so they run around in their painted-on pixie cuts, and then one gal was a Moxie Teen wig that I picked up at Goodwill.

      Liv was heavily articulated and multi-ethnic at a time when Barbie was dropping the ball on both issues, which is part of how so many moved in.

  2. LOL for the title of this post! Have fun with the cleaning, I'm doing the same with a lot of Barbie shoes and accessories right now :-). One small accessory (a fork) has disappeared in the drain, but the rest is clean again!

  3. I'm looking at a bookcase with glass doors to better display my collection without it getting dusty. I'm not sure where to find good display options for my Tonner gals, as most of the display cases I've looked at don't have enough room between the shelves.

  4. Love the Liv girls..I really need to find more. Katie was one of the first dolls I ever thrifted/collected as an adult (well, my daughter found her, but I stole her for myself, lol.)

  5. Yay Liv! I have several, though I bought them for the bodies (I am not a fan of the oversized heads). They had amazing clothes.

  6. Ha ha ha ha....such a funny photo!!! But they all do look very happy over getting a bath! Happy cleaning!

  7. Congratulations on getting cleaned the dolls you have cleaned. Oh and for getting Liv dolls - I haven't seen any of them for some time now. Oh, wait, there goes Jake and I think I saw an Alexa. My goof.

    Hope the project is continuing successfully!