Thursday, August 31, 2017

What do you mean, it's been 2-1/2 months?

I cannot account for the passage of time. BUT if you click past the jump, there's a bonus project that nobody has seen yet!

Usually, there's a cat on the first floor.
Master bedroom is papered, but I haven't found a stair runner or put the trim back up.

No pink, no pink, no pink!
Kid's room is painted and papered, also needs trim. Bath is still waiting for me to find tile.

And then... back in April, I got a Lille Huset modern house on clearance. I've got it assembled into a two-level house with a small patio as well as a rooftop garden. I've been gradually furnishing it with found and homemade items.

Elvin, wearing his bathrobe against an autumn chill, enjoys the patio with their puppy.

Elvin struggles with hanging pictures, also with why they still don't own a chair.

No garden is complete without a snake.
This weekend, I am off to help my mom redo a vintage Dura-Craft Ponderosa. I will return either inspired or exhausted.


  1. First, I think it's great you're helping your mother with the Dura-Craft Ponderosa. I hope it does help to inspire you.

    Second, Elvin is too funny.

  2. Both Elvins are soooo cute!!!!!

  3. Time does seem to fly by fast, especially when it comes to summer! In any case, great to see what you've been up to. Hope to see more soon!