Sunday, July 17, 2016

Bratzillaz Spa and Bathroom Week

Phoenix's dry heat can be hard on the hair.
Meygana's hair maintains her personal space.
Progress this week got short-circuited when I started dabbling at Pokémon GO on Monday, as even 109-degree heat couldn't compete with the lure of seeing if some of Scottsdale's hot spots might offer something more exciting than an endless supply of pidgies and rattatas. The machops in the Mexican Import Store may be peak Pokémon for me.

Machops is hoping for Mexican wrestling masks.
At this point, I've really got to tackle gym battles if I want to proceed with the game, and I'm not sure I care, since that seems to require memorizing endless random factoids about what type has an advantage over what other type. I have no objection at all to memorizing random factoids about imaginary monsters, but that part of my brain is already consumed by keeping straight Monster High characters and Bratzillaz, so I'm just not sure there's space.

In any case, a few things happened with Bathroom Week.

Katie and Hayden's bathroom has a nice knee wall, for no really good reason. It's built from a shoebox and some vinyl sticky tile from Home Depot. The curtain beyond it is a dollar store placemat.

More storage, less splashing!
I tackled the repainting of the vintage Strombecker 3/4-scale bath that I had recklessly (and poorly) painted pink. The "porcelain" got all done on Saturday, and it's now in the midst of getting its mint-green tile. The theme of this stage is probably "why didn't I sand it better?"
Last stages of gloss white.
The 1:12 bathroom finally got its shelf hung, which seems minor but required gluing the wallpaper to a cardboard packing to provide a firm enough surface for the shelf to be glued to, as blue-tack wasn't sufficient to hold it up. This kind of trivia is why my miniature domiciles are always falling apart.

Finally, it is possible to set the soap somewhere!
While I was at it, Katie and Hayden's kitchen got a granite wall so that its shelves could be glued in place, as their hobby was "falling off and scattering dishes everywhere." This kitchen has been on the verge of getting towels and real accessories for what, three years now? Maybe next month, since structural stability has been achieved.

It was salvage granite, that's why it doesn't reach the ceiling.
Katie and Hayden love the Habitat ReStores.
The 1:24 boutique hotel is still waiting for me to build its second bathroom, during which time I think I've managed to lose the bottle top that was intended for a vessel sink. Next week, it gets a bed for the red room.

The Bratzillaz awaiting their boilwashings up top are greater in number than the Bratzillaz supply used to be because... I went on this home improvement binge in my real house, which wound itself up into a trip to Burlington to look at towels. I figured I'd just glance at toys on the way out...

Sashabella Paws says it's FAKE fur so don't fuss!
But it's still a little warm for summer in Arizona.
There in her box was a lone Bratzilla who'd apparently fallen through a wormhole from 2012 and been marked down to $7.99 in the process.

Having had a nice soothing group boilwash, the Zillaz have chosen fabric for summer dresses and are hoping to be clothed before autumn comes.

Meygana: Tie-dye, Sashabella?
Sashabella: Sparkly for day wear, Meygana?
Fianna: This color works with my hair, but I think it makes me look sallow.


  1. I just love your miniatures and I really appreciate the work that goes into what you are doing. It's precision work with little room to maneuver. If you really think that last needlepoint I made would work well as a rug in one of your houses or for the dolls, you can have it. My email is Reference the needlepoint in the subject so that I don't dump it from the junk mail. :)

    1. Oh wow! I would be honored. I will send an email. Thank you!

  2. I was obsessed with Pokémon back in the day. Went through 2 1/2 games (didn't finish Yellow), even went to a Pokémon Tournament. But 16 years later, I'm like... "Go outside? To play Pokémon? I can't." It does look darn interesting though, so I may be tempted yet.

    That hotel is fabulous and the wall coverings stunning.

    1. Thank you! I didn't play, back in the day, so I have no idea what I'm doing... but I had to check out augmented reality. There are Pokemon pretty much everywhere, so if you download it to try it out, very little initial effort is involved.

  3. I just learned something. I didn't know that was called a knee wall. I don't think it doesn't serve a purpose. Because it's next to the tub, it would be great for sitting candles there for a soothing bath and don't forget a glass of your favorite drink while you soak and read a magazine or listen to music. It really can be so useful in addition to holding the nice décor you added.

    1. Aha! Now we know that once the house is basically furnished, one of the gals needs a relaxing bath!

  4. That bathtub in Katie and Hayden's bathroom looks so realistic; it makes me want to take a relaxing bath myself.

    And you did a great job with the Bratzillas hair. I love the inset eyes on those dolls.

    1. I strongly endorse the Gloria bathroom set -- though it comes in lurid pink, it takes paint well. K&H's bathroom is more luxurious than my real-life one.

      Thank you re Zilla hair -- I'm quite taken with them, plus being out of production brings the joy of the hunt.

  5. Well, my dolls are peering over my shoulder looking at your naked dolls and wondering why they have to stand posed on my dresser in heels and evening gowns! Your boutique hotel is to die for!!!!

    1. Aw, thanks! Your dolls are properly clothed because you have a clue, whereas mine have been on the counter, clutching fabric, for over a week.