Monday, August 3, 2015

Vi and Va arrive, deeply discounted

The Mystixx Rococo Zombie apparently heralded Failed Doll Concept Month, as on Sunday, my mother emailed me with the news that Target had the Vi and Va line on clearance, so it was now or never on deciding if I wanted them or not.

Poor Viviana! Multiple markdowns.
Clearly, I went to Target. The shelves were stripped of Vi and Va dolls, their place taken by Disney Descendants and new Bratz. One lone end dump had five Valentinas, and it was only when I went back on the third try that I found the Viviana shoved away under a shelf. They both had to come home. They're sisters. They can't be separated.

Va, the younger sister, is very into hair. This seems to be a tie-in to her accessories rather than just MGA getting lazy with characterization.

This being an MGA product, still having all fingers after getting the doll out of the box is considered victory. Toy Box Philosopher outlined the entire painful process back in May, and it can be aptly summarized as you sewed what to WHAT? and No, you did not need a plastic tag there, damn it.

This hair is never, ever moving, even if the box is transported through an eighth dimension.
Here she is. She looks terrified.

I'm free... but there are so. many. Bratz here.
And here's her sister Vi, the musician, come to protect Va from the many Bratz.

Vi does acoustic versions of mariachi songs.
Va did come with shoes for her little elephant trotters, but one promptly bounced under the table and I was too lazy to retrieve it. Her feet are so implausible that I can't get the camera to focus on them.

Needless to say, I was curious about size in relation to other big-headed MGA products. Here are the girls with Moxie Girlz Sofia on the left and my articulated Bratz on the right.

Sofia wants to talk music; Emanuelle wants to talk hair.
Sofia is taller but appears to have a smaller head. Emanuelle looks enormous, though wearing platform shoes probably contributes to the effect.

The other purpose of the trip was that Target had marked down the clothing packs to $2.98. I got three. Let's start with the one I liked least, which was apparently meant for Va. (No, I don't know why it comes with a doll.)

Ruffly. Very ruffly.
Technically, the dress fits Darya, an older Yasmin that my parents sent my way, but she does not look at all thrilled about wearing it.

It's not my fault, Darya. Really! I'm so sorry!
Darya, having flat feet, is also the same height as Valentina, but if they're the same age, then Darya is a very, very bad influence.

This is less bad, 'k? At least Miranda likes hers...
A second dress, intended for one of the bigger girls in the line, suits Darya less badly, and a dress in the same sizing is just barely big enough for Miranda (yes, an articulated Stacie friend from the 1990s! my parents sent a very nice care package). Alas, the quality is iffy: Darya's yellow print dress is supposed to have clear straps to hold up the bodice, and they broke within one change of clothes. So these outfits that retailed for $10 make the $2 Sparkle Girlz fashions look much better by contrast.

Is absolutely everything in your world fouffy, Vi?
None of the dresses fits Sofia -- she's way too big.

I kept thinking that Valentina really looks like she ought to be the youngest sister of Shira, rather than Yasmin, so I tried out that hypothesis.

Sure, play with hair, little one, but let's work on your multiplication tables.
Then I did a line-up of various native MGA heights. Emanuelle seems downright tall, and Lila (baby Yasmin, found at Goodwill) has a head large enough to eat people.

L-R: Articulated Bratz, taller Bratz, Moxie Girlz, Vi, Va, original Bratz.
Front: Bratz Babiez.
Since Toy Box Philosopher already looked at articulation or lack thereof -- and I'm nervous that if I once get clothes off, I'll never get them back on right -- I'm going to skip the nudist poses. But let's look into how these gals sit.

Maybe you want pants, Va?
Alas, MGA forgot how to joint hips so that a doll can sit with her legs straight out. Va will be getting some pants so she doesn't have to stand at all times.

That's how much trash there is afterward.

The girls have such sweet faces, though.

It's okay, Va. Darya will never be allowed to baby sit us.
They do look a little terrified, though...


Hello, Azalea!

Seriously, though, in their limited way, I think they're adorable, and for under $10 each, the limitations seem less important. I'd love to know why they failed -- if there's a region where Latina dolls should go over well, Arizona is it. But they didn't. But I have mine, and they get to join the extended family of Yasmins, though Darya will, indeed, never be allowed to baby sit them.


  1. Great review. I was wondering what was being marked down and/or replaced at Target. I've been too lazy to actually go there.

    I live in NYC. The Vi and Va dolls aren't doing too well here, either. I think their eyes are creepy looking. After seeing them next to Bratz, I'd rather have a Bratz.

    1. Thanks! I wouldn't have been at Target if my mom hadn't sent me.

      Now you have me wondering how the new Bratz are going to affect the Moxie Girlz...

  2. Nice review! I especially liked seeing the picture of the trash pile - I don't understand why playline dolls can't be packaged more modestly - it boggles the mind.

    I've been seeing these dolls discounted around here (Houston) too, but I've been holding off on picking one up - they're still sitting on the shelves even with the price cut, so I'm expecting them to go even lower than $8 soon (if/when that happens I do think I'll pick one up).

    1. Thanks! MGA goes nuts for packaging... and yet Dollar Tree does fine with just a box.

      Target sometimes donates to children's hospitals rather than discounting further, which is a good thing but makes me nervous once something hits the 70% off end dumps.

  3. Lovely dolls, I actually like their eyes a lot! I've never seen them before, I guess they never were sold here in Belgium :-).

    1. Thank you! They were a Target exclusive over here -- couldn't even be bought from Target online. You had to go to a store and apparently... no one did.

  4. Hmmmm. I like everything about them EXCEPT their eyes. Just to big. With the expression on their faces they really look scared or something.

    1. Poor Valentina is definitely terrified!

  5. Enjoyed this review! I really like their clothing but I'm not sold on their bodies, especially their solid legs/feet.

    1. Thanks! The little elephant feet are definitely... unusual. Little girls of their putative age should not be wearing ultra-high heels.

  6. I've been seeing these dolls. They are so cute. They remind me of the Moxie Girls. It's nice that you brought both sisters home. They need company.