Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A 24-hour bedroom rehab for the smaller Midnight Magic girls

Adele (mini-Draculaura) and Pilar (mini-Pippa) attend the "reveal" of the 24-hour makeover of their bedroom. Adele is a little worried that she might clash with the decor.
Adele, if I find out anybody has hot-glued feathers to the wall, I will NOT BE HAPPY.
The outside design-and-contracting team's first move was to paper the previously unpapered back and outside walls to match the multi-color leopard of the inside wall. (The breed mimicked in the paper is clearly the Panthera pardus josephus, as it has a coat of many colors.)

The pelt of the Panthera pardus calabaza grande.
The bed is the centerpiece of the room. My collection of leopard fabric bits included orange-on-orange, which became the "inspiration piece" for the room. I sewed most of the bed linens before deciding on a platform bed with a headboard that incorporates beside reading lamps.

Elephants always remember the correct number to dial.
The elephant nightstands are constructed from the elephants on a World Market elephant chain that I'd impulsively bought a while back. Since their backs slant, the elephants get to carry trays made from checker-piece blanks.

Ganesha and Yorick have much to discuss.
The dresser -- originally boring brown -- is the fruit of binge-reading Apartment Therapy's "before and after" stories. Shiny black paint and fancy knobs always update a piece. (I know, I know... a true devotee would have painted it turquoise... or gray-and-white chevrons...)

You'd think we could squeeze in a buddha over here.
The little Chinese chest is actually from China. It was ordered for a different project but proved to be the wrong size.

At this point, in a frenzy of slap-happiness over getting this room done, I finished papering the bedroom of the other condo, rearranged the furniture, and made elaborate plans for lamps for it. However, Cloe's new outfit (jeans finished, top hates me) and Katie and Hayden's new bed (frame partly cut on the kitchen counter) take precedence.

Meanwhile, something seemed to be missing from Pilar and Adele's bedroom. It ought to have a bench at the end of the bed, but where has the cat bench gone? It's not in the box of 1:18 furniture. It's not in the eBay/etsy bin. It's not in the stash... 

I wonder what the dog's going to make of that bench.
Adele has found it! It was hiding in the kitchen of Kaylee and Mila's condo. Now there's somewhere to drop a blanket at night.


  1. The room looks great!

    I especially like the elephant nightstands - nice work!

    1. Thanks! I'd been staring at those elephants for over a year, trying to figure out how to table then.

  2. This room is fabulous! I love all the little accessories you put in here, and the elephant nightstand is great, as is the phone on it :-). And the bed too! Great job!!!

    1. Thank you! It was originally just going to be making the bed, but momentum... built.

  3. So adorbs! I love how you started out to do one thing and then it turned into a crafting frenzy.

    1. Off the leash, out of control... and armed with a hot glue gun!

  4. Nice job on all the little details! You're inspiring me to resume work on the townhouse. My Chandra has that same "floor" in her boutique.

    1. Ooh, good! Inspiring people to work on projects means getting to admire the results!

      It's just so very...floor-like.