Thursday, March 12, 2015

Articulated tween newbie and new spring Sparkle Girlz clothing!

A couple weeks ago, I stopped at Goodwill on laundry day and could not resist the lone articulated doll in the ravaged-by-vultures toy section.
Sweet owl! Nice owl! Want a cookie?
Our mystery gal has a Monster High-ish body with the sort of face where she's clearly meant to be someone in particular. It turns out that she's meant to be Cece Jones from the tween-oriented Disney Channel dance series, Shake It Up, so she's based on actor Bella Thorne and there's another one that looks like Zendaya.

These factoids mean remarkably little to me, but because I liked her face, I named her Thorne, declared her an outdoorsy type, and put her in one of last year's Sparkle Girlz outfits, which is too loose but better than going in the bin with the Polar Bear Club to await home sewing adventures.

My initial perception was that Thorne is the size of the current Skippers. But when I pulled out D'Laura and Stacie for comparison, it turned out I was completely wrong.

Everybody's nervous about asking for autographs.
Thorne is close in size to D'Laura, so essentially standard Monster High height. She looks smaller because her disproportionately large head is not as disproportionately large as the MH gals' heads.

Let's see how she actually compares to the MH body type.

Thorne, I promise March and November are the BEST times for sunbathing around here.
Thorne is closer to normal human proportions, especially through the torso.

We should go shopping for shoes. Let's do that.
I think D'Laura's feet are a little larger, but it's hard to tell.

Only one of us can hitch-hike.
Thorne lacks wrist articulation but has more humanesque shaping to her forearm. I think she might also be able to grip things.

Turn over and get the sun on the back!
Wow, D'Laura has short thighs and long calves! Thorne is again a bit more normal in shape.

Left arm in and shake it all about?
I don't know if this is just a matter of how my specific dolls are strung, but Thorne does slightly better on side-to-side splits.

With front-to-back splits, though, D'Laura is the clear winner.

Betsey Johnson is my role model, Thorne.
Thorne's extra torso joint allows her to lean on her elbows with a little more naturalness.

Do you want to go to the mall, Thorne? We should go to the mall.
At Walmart on Sunday, I chanced upon the new Sparkle Girlz outfits -- the same ones Jewell found -- and brought home quite a few.

Everything not completely covered with glitter...
The green-and-white dress came closest to fitting Thorne, but it made her neck look short. So I pulled out the adult members of the Polar Bear Club and dressed most of them, hoping this will remind me to finish working on their hair and other such details.

Many of the dresses are very, very short -- and no longer come with built-in underwear -- so the gals who can't sit like a lady aren't allowed to sit at all.

Some of us are much happier than others with our new clothes.
The winner here is obviously Victoria, who can sit in her new jeans and is neatly dressed for all occasions. I generally like the clothes but need to haul out the sewing machine so that outfits can be more effectively distributed to people they'll look good on. Esmeralda, in particular, is not at all sure that "prep" is her thing.


  1. Thorne was a great find! I agree that Esmeralda looks unsure about sporting the preppy look, lol. That fluffy dress looks terrific on redheads. I considered that coral top and jeans. I may add that one later. I did grab two more of the dresses on today's milk run.

    1. Thanks! Every time I look at the newly dressed Polar Bear Club members, I now think about sewing, which I guess is good.

  2. I have an AA Disney doll with Thorne's body that I found at the thrift store. She was missing her lower arms though so I gave her some monster high ones. I think she would have rather been able to hitchhike than claw people's faces, but one never knows.

    1. So MH arms fit as replacements... hmmm... this has potential.

      I'm hoping to stumble over another of these so I can re-body my Skipper head, the one meant for a teenage body but found in a thrift store baggie on a Barbie body because somebody else had been doing body transplants.

    2. The MH arms work, but they are a little loose at the elbow. They haven't fallen off though.

  3. I like Thorne body articulation, quite a great trove! Her body would be great for your Skipper head!
    And all those dresses....nice to see the Polar Bear Club getting new clothes

    1. Thanks! A second one is now my quest at thrift stores -- I may have to go thrifting today, since the Goodwill I'd been looking forward to out on the Pima-Maricopa reservation (they own a big strip mall) was disappointing yesterday.

  4. Congrats on finding Thorne. She's got a winning smile.

    I like Esmeralda's expression. She doesn't look sure about the preppy dress although it looks cute on her.

    1. Esmeralda's very worried about professional advancement as a professor of comparative literature. She's willing to show up at the tennis club for university events, but she feels out of place, since the only sport she's ever played is miniature golf.

    2. Oh that would be a cute tennis outfit - with short white shorts. But her game is miniature golf. Shrug.

  5. Thorn is a great find - nice work!

    Love seeing the Sparkle Girlz outfits out there "in the wild" as well - even if the dolls aren't all quite so happy with the results. ;)

    1. Aw, thanks! I'm figuring the clothing will benefit from a reshuffle. Poor unnamed Mackie-faced Barbie looks downright cold, as well as self-conscious.

  6. You shop like I do...articulation first and foremost. LOL I like Thorne's smile! l have to get to Walmart and see if more clothes came in, because you got some really cute ones! Maybe today.

    1. Be prepared to get spendy at Walmart, as they redid the whole clothing line, and I think there may be more choices this season!

  7. Always nice to find articulated teens. I like Thorne. Nice to see new Sparkle Girlz fashions. I will have to check it out the next time I'm at the store.