Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Panthea's adventure

These are hot stock picks from three weeks ago.
Also, after getting my headshots for my portfolio, I have only 39 cents in savings.
The darker Lovely Patsy seems to be in a waiting room. Is it an important audition for her acting/modeling career? A visit to the dentist?

Love your coat, girl. Nordstrom Rack?

It's a temp job! Here's Akilah Nichelle to walk Panthea -- our Lovely Patsy has a name -- around the innocent public offices of the spa. Akilah Nichelle's an accountant, of course, but she's also the person most likely to not be doing hot yoga or engaging in top-secret experiments at any given moment. (She's casually dressed because it's Arizona, and she's got her coat on because building management assumes the building will be partly heated by sunshine, and there isn't any today.)

Panthea will have to handle phones.

Most of these buttons don't do anything, and the paging ones...
come to think of it, just yell for whoever should take the call.
And she'll be expected to do some light work with spreadsheets.

This is my favorite book. The drama in chapter six is Emmy-worthy.
Computer use is a breeze when you can ride the mouse.

I just wish it had steering!
However, the office has some vermin issues.

No! I will NOT make you a cup of coffee!
The encounter with the spider leaves Panthea shaken, so Akilah Nichelle suggests they have a snack. Toast is always welcome.

Lever to the right makes the toast.
Lever to the left if you want to roast.
In the winter, it is possible to enjoy lunch on the patio.

The neighbors roasted a pig once.
Unfortunately, one of Panthea's duties will be unjamming the printer-copier-fax machine. No two of the blasted things work alike!

I think letterhead goes the other way, actually.

We could fax ourselves to Hollywood... or maybe Hawaii. Places that start with H.
Panthea's office is isolated and her work may be repetitive and paid at a low-low hourly rate, but she does have a red Swingline stapler (barely visible, drat!).

At least I'm not in Storage B.


  1. Panthea and Akilah Nichelle seem to be having fun in the office. I LOVE Akilah Nichelle's instructions to "just yell for" people. Some offices are like that, lol.

  2. LOL! Wait, is the spider refusing to make coffee or is Panthea? Either way - hysterical!

  3. Hahaha, the funniest office to work in ever! Great post, love it :-D!!!

  4. LOL Smaller Places! I want to fax myself to Hawaii too!
    (and I've just ordered the book from Amazon!!!)

  5. Very cute post. Love the girls in the office. Wish I could fax myself to some nice warm climate too! Love it and the spider was too funny!

  6. Hello from Spain: I would like to work in that office so funny. Great outfits. Nice pics. Keep in touch

  7. love the coats. i wish my office was fun like that!

  8. @D7ana, @Muff, @Night Owl, @billa, @Phyllis, @Marta, @shirley -- Aw, thanks! We all had a good time doing the photos for this one.

    @D7ana -- "Just yell" is what we used to do in real life until we rearranged offices.

    @Muff -- It's supposed to be Panthea's line, but I could see the spider having a job, probably filing. All those legs are good for filing.