Friday, December 5, 2014

Miss Hanzo assigns a mission

Miss Hanzo interviews an Experimental Subject in the comfort of the spa's wardrobe room.

Your mission is to be fabulous.
This particular Experimental Subject was last seen in the company of Elena Rodriguez and Kayla, calling herself Teresa and claiming to be Elena's cousin from Mexico City, as they walked their alpaca on the beach. Since Elena's backstory was retconned by the spa, actually being her cousin is an impossibility, but Miss Hanzo has a new direction for her.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
She's going to be Russian!

Our Experimental Subject is about to be sent to live with my mother, who recently bought a Teresa, and another Teresa, and a Raquelle, and I felt it my duty to contribute to the burgeoning civilization.

She's now officially from Moscow, which is why she's dressed for clubbing.

This was not quite the original plan, which involved a brown-and-aqua dress with matching coat, which my sewing machine more-or-less gnawed into a ball of thread. The sewing machine and I were not on good terms for a day or two there. Once I recognized the Experimental Subject's innate need to wear silver lamé and a woolly hat, everything went much better.

I wonder if there's a market for hat models.
Upon her arrival at her new home, she took the name Alexandra and was an object of great curiosity among the other dolls for her possession of a muff. Miss Hanzo congratulates herself on choosing the right gal for the mission.


  1. Miss Hanzo made a perfect choice! Alexandra is lovely and you did a great job with her outfit. Sewing machines sometimes are really uncooperative (that's why I sew everything by hand....LOL)
    It's such a nice thing that your Mum collects Barbies too!
    Kisses Billa

    1. You're doing all those amazing outfits by hand? Now, I'm really terrified of you!

      I'm fortunate in having parents who encourage rather than scoff. We are going toy-hunting when I visit at Christmas, though I don't know if I can or should drag my mother to the local equivalent of the Park 'n' Swap.

  2. Great outfit, and I'm glad you won the battle with the sewing machine. I'm convinced there is a market for hat models :-D.

    1. Aw, thanks! I keep expecting sewing machines to be like computers, where they mostly work except for the moments when they don't, and they're more like... I don't know... eldritch horrors who trick you out of your soul.

  3. Yes, I remember her...good choice. Nice job on the outfit.